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How To Save Money on Pool Maintenance

Cash. Rand. Moolah.

Whatever you call it, money plays a role in virtually every aspect of your home. And if you’re lucky enough to have a pool on your residence, you know that it factors into your budget.

So unless you’ve got a money tree growing next to that personal patio pond of yours, let’s talk about some ways to save on essential pool care.

Below are 10 pool maintenance tips that can save you money if you take care of your own pool.

1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR TOYS: Prevent needing to frequently replace your cleaning attachments or vacuum head by storing them out of the sun. It also helps to rinse them off with fresh water after cleaning your pool to remove any chemicals. Simple things like this can double the life of your cleaning equipment.

2. YOU’RE GETTING WARMER: Use a solar cover, also called a solar blanket, to maintain the heat in your pool, attract heat from the sun, and keep debris out. Solar covers are a great investment, especially if you have a heater. Installing the cover when not using your pool will prevent heat loss so the water will stay warmer longer.

3. DON’T BLOW YOUR COVER: If you close your pool in the winter, use a pool cover pump to get dirty water off the top of your cover. When the cover is dry, use a broom to sweep away leaves and debris. A clean cover will be easy to remove, and you’ll be able to reuse it for the next winter. No one wants to buy a new pool cover every year … it’s expensive.

4. PREPARE A PUMP PLAN: During the hottest part of the summer, run your pump one hour for every 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) of air temperature each day to keep it clean and moving so you don’t get algae growth. But in the winter, or in mild climates, you can run your pump less to use less energy. Running your pool pump at night, during off-peak hours, also can cost less depending on your utility plan.

5. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE: Install a variable speed pump. Although the upfront cost is higher than a single speed pump, variable speed pumps save you money in the long run by reducing your energy costs up to 90%.

6. STOCK UP: Buy your pool chemicals early and in bulk. Pool stores usually offer spring startup specials at the beginning of the season. It’s an easy way to save money since you’ll be using them all year long.

7. BRING BALANCE TO THE FORCE: Keep your water balanced and shock your pool every week to keep your chlorine working effectively. For even more efficiency, use enzymes and keep your phosphate levels below 100 parts per billion. If your chlorine level is low or the water is out of balance, you’ll pay for it with green or cloudy water that you’ll have to triple shock — and run your filter system 24/7 to clear it up. Talk about pumping money into your pool!

8. DOMO ARIGATO MR. ROBOTO: Robotic pool cleaners are a pool’s best friend. They clean and filter an entire pool quickly. Use one when your filter and pump aren’t running; it costs less than it does to run your filtration system so you can save money, too.

9. CHLORINE IS MY PERFUME: Keep an eye on your chlorine stabilizer level. Maintaining 30-50 ppm of cyanuric acid prevents chlorine loss due to evaporation so it lasts longer. Just like your money will.

10. DON’T WASTE A DROP: Limit evaporation by covering your pool when it’s not in use or by using a liquid solar cover. Find and fix leaks — it’s estimated that 30 percent of pools have them. And don’t backwash your filter too long or too often; you only need to backwash if your pressure gauge is reading 8-10 PSI over your clean filter starting pressure. The average two-minute backwash for a typical sand filter uses about 200 gallons of water.

These simple tips can save you some serious dough, while also keeping your pool healthy and ready for you to enjoy!

At All About Pools, we’re here to help you create your perfect pool experience.

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